University of Barcelona Bellvitge Health Sciences Campus

University of Barcelona Bellvitge Health Sciences Campus


Empresa: Pinearq S.L.P

Project Date:


Project summary:

Planned area: 11,805 m2
BIM level of development: LOD 350
Client: University of Barcelona (UB)

Purpose of using BIM:

The project was executed using BIM over the entire process, from building design to finalisation of the work.

The model served to monitor all architectural and structural elements and avoid conflicts between the various disciplines.

It was also useful to quickly obtain lists of elements and the displays desired at any part of the building in order to study them, ensuring consistency among them all.

Success achieved:

During the process the building underwent changes which, thanks to the BIM being constantly updated, were reflected in the model, so the client could be provided with images of the modifications, which showed the final result of the project.

The project is broken down into several construction stages, which were able to be rigorously monitored because they were clearly differentiated in the model.

Using BIM, it was possible to work on the project with the security that there would be no interferences between the various elements, whether architectural design elements or structural ones.


About bim

BIM (Building Information Modeling) es una metodología de trabajo colaborativa para la gestión de proyectos de edificación u obra civil a través de una maqueta digital. Esta maqueta digital conforma una gran base de datos que permite gestionar los elementos que forman parte de la infraestructura durante todo el ciclo de vida de la misma.