Clinic in Lima

Clinic in Lima (Peru)


Estudi PSP Arquitectura SL.

Project Date:


Project summary:

Planned area: 80,000 m2
BIM level of development: LOD 350

Purpose of using BIM:

In this project the use of BIM had several objectives from the beginning:

We wanted to obtain a model that facilitated and sped up the process of obtaining the plans necessary for the various stages of planning a large-area project and benefit from the collaboration work using various models within a general model, according to construction stages.

Running 3D models by stage was a determining factor in achieving project execution in its several stages of demolition and construction, without interrupting the activity of the various departments of the Clinic.

In the first stage of the project, the 3D model would enable images to be obtained that would help to understand and visualise the project clearly.

This model was subsequently used to coordinate the various disciplines (architecture, structures and installations) and discover inevitable overlaps between them.

It will enable project management and facility management in the future.

Success achieved:

Using BIM, a significant amount of time was saved in the project planning stage, as well as in monitoring points of conflict between the different disciplines.

Executing the project using BIM enabled updated displays and perspectives to be shown at any time, making the project more easily understandable for the client, enabling visualisation of how the project was developing.


About bim

BIM (Building Information Modeling) es una metodología de trabajo colaborativa para la gestión de proyectos de edificación u obra civil a través de una maqueta digital. Esta maqueta digital conforma una gran base de datos que permite gestionar los elementos que forman parte de la infraestructura durante todo el ciclo de vida de la misma.