Nuevos Ministerios Police Station

Refurbishment and implementation of a Police Station in Nuevos Ministerios station


BIMlearning/Morea and Zaragoza arquitectura y técnica s.l.

Project date:

March 2015

Significant project data:

Area designed: 500 m2
Level of BIM development: LOD 350
Client: General Directorate of the Police and Madrid Metro

Purpose of BIM use:

Model for the execution project according to the State Organic Law.

For processes by phases, since it was a rehabilitation where the highest number of elements had to be conserved. Three phases were created to correctly coordinate the works: Current state. Demolitions, modified state.

Model for costs and budget.

Model for direction and management of works.

Description of the success achieved:

Due to financial determining factors, special care was required in the assessment of the elements existing in the premises, both finishes and installations, and a large part of the existing elements were able to be conserved and integrated into the renovated architecture and installations.

Thanks to the control by phases of all of the elements, the original project was able to be carried out without any additional costs.


About bim

BIM (Building Information Modeling) es una metodología de trabajo colaborativa para la gestión de proyectos de edificación u obra civil a través de una maqueta digital. Esta maqueta digital conforma una gran base de datos que permite gestionar los elementos que forman parte de la infraestructura durante todo el ciclo de vida de la misma.