Design, construction and maintenance of the CPD TC1 in Tres Cantos


Aguilera Ingenieros

Project date:

February 2013 ‐ July 2015

Significant project data:

  • CPD of 1,500 m² of an IT room for a density of 2 kW/m² of IT load.
  • TIER IV Gold for UPTIME INSTITUTE – certificate in Design, Construction and Operational Sustainability
  • 3,500 m² of occupation on the floor. 17,500 m² built
  • Level of BIM development: LOD 400 – Final level – As Built 450
  • Property: BBVA
  • Total project and construction budget: €60 M + VAT

Purpose of BIM use:

In this project the initial aim of the BIM model development was coordination between the different installations, spatial coordination and interferences with the Work and problem solving in terms of the size and shape of certain elements. To allow the pre-manufacturing of certain elements.

Description of the success achieved:

  • Through the use of BIM a lot of time was saved in the offer preparation phase. Once the works began the analysis of collisions resulted in the quality of the design increasing such that in the works phase the modifications were reduced to a minimum with respect to the original design, eliminating work delays and reducing the change orders due to coordination problems almost completely..
  • For coordination with architecture, the 2D plans were revised through the BIM model,
    solving errors in the design phase or coordination problems with the installations.
  • The understanding of operating schemes was provided with 3D visualisation for the validation and certification processes of the TIER IV classification.
  • The final BIM file was updated with each work decision, being an as‐built document that was completely real in each and every one of the work phases.
  • Within the model, the total database of all the elements of the installations and all their characteristics were created with their encoding for the maintenance of the building.
  • It was key to have a BIM manager directly dependent on the Project Management of the installations who was present at all times of the work and who consolidated in the model all of the information coming from all parties involved in the Work.
  • Previously in 2012 CPD TC2 was modelled on BIM (finalised in 2011) in the same technological complex of Tres Cantos, from the as‐builts. Both CPDs are currently maintained using the BIM documentation.

About bim

BIM (Building Information Modeling) es una metodología de trabajo colaborativa para la gestión de proyectos de edificación u obra civil a través de una maqueta digital. Esta maqueta digital conforma una gran base de datos que permite gestionar los elementos que forman parte de la infraestructura durante todo el ciclo de vida de la misma.