Residencial Urduliz

Urduliz residential development – 18 houses (Executive Project)


Ingennus Urban Consulting

Project date:

January 2016

Significant project data:

Area designed: 3,300 m2
Level of the BIM development: LOD 300/350

Purpose of BIM use:

In this phase, we wished to obtain a BIM model from which the necessary plans were obtained to execute the work (executive project) and which would also be used in the future as a basis for works and installation management.

The purpose of the BIM model in this phase is to generate a virtual model that is as realistic as possible in which we find all of the coordinated disciplines and there appear all of the necessary data to begin construction.

Description of the success achieved:

Through the use of BIM and the coordinated model (architecture, structure and installation) we resolved all points of conflict in the project, obtaining a high quality of design.

An agreement was also reached with the engineers when establishing the collaboration criteria, resulting in better communication.

It was necessary to adjust the design times, both in the basic and executive project in architecture and in installation, since the times required to obtain the necessary models in each phase and carry out the analyses change.


About bim

BIM (Building Information Modeling) es una metodología de trabajo colaborativa para la gestión de proyectos de edificación u obra civil a través de una maqueta digital. Esta maqueta digital conforma una gran base de datos que permite gestionar los elementos que forman parte de la infraestructura durante todo el ciclo de vida de la misma.