First deadline ended

19th September 2016 – 31st January 2017

Last September, the es.BIM Commission launched a survey and asked for the collaboration of all professionals in the Construction Industry with the goal of obtaining information about the levels of knowledge and implementation of BIM in the Spanish companies, in a similar way that it was done by other equivalent organizations in the European Union before.

With the deadline for completing this BIM Survey already ended, and after close to 2,000 completed surveys, we are now proceeding with the study and extraction of data, clues, facts and statistics to help us come up with valuable conclusions and, in this way, redirect our focus and future tasks.

Furthermore, the es.BIM Commission is raising the possibility of creating new surveys every year aiming to monitor the use of BIM and to compare them to understand the impact magnitude of BIM in time.

We won’t like to conclude without thanking every one for the participation and collaboration in the fulfillment of this survey.