1To promote the implementation of BIM in the Spanish construction industry from the creation of a Work Group with participation open to the whole sector, both public and private.
2To promote the use of BIM in the whole life cycle of the infrastructure.
3To raise awareness in Public Administrations about the establishing of BIM requirements in infrastructure tenders with the objective of reducing their costs.
4To establish a schedule for the adaptation of the regulations for the generalised use of BIM.
5To develop national standards that make the homogenous use of BIM possible.
6To create an academic map of BIM training in Spain and promote its inclusion in study plans.
7To promote the digitalisation of works resulting from the development of infrastructure, removing the physical format, with the resulting saving of financial and environmental costs.
8To promote the application of “Open BIM”, that is that all operations related to BIM be based on open and universal standards, interoperable between them
9To support a greater and better positioning of Spanish industry in the world through the use of the BIM methodology.
10To strengthen Spain’s participation in international decision-making forums.