GT1: Strategy

  • SG1.1. Glossary of terms
  • SG1.2. Benchmarking
  • SG1.3. Current situation survey
  • SG1.4. Monitoring of use
  • SG1.5. Strategic Plan
  • SG1.6. Small and medium-sized enterprises

GT2: People

  • SG2.1. BIM dissemination document
  • SG2.2. Study of the current situation of BIM training
  • SG2.3. Definition of roles in BIM processes
  • SG2.4. Communication and dissemination plan

GT3: Processes

  • SG3.1. Analysis of BIM requirements in tenders
  • SG3.2. Guidelines for tenders
  • SG3.3. Levels of detail
  • SG3.4. Standardisation and regulation
  • SG3.5. BIM Execution Plan (B.E.P.)
  • SG3.6. Use guidelines. Building
  • SG3.7. Use guidelines. Infrastructure
  • SG3.8. Management of the Information

GT4: Technology

  • SG4.1. Interoperable formats
  • SG4.2. Degree of interoperability of the software
  • SG4.3. IFC format
  • SG4.4. Common Data Environment (CDE)

GT 5: International

  • SG5.1. Bilateral table Mexico
  • SG5.2. Bilateral table Peru
  • SG5.3. Bilateral table Chile
  • SG5.4. Bilateral table the UK
  • SG5.5. Bilateral table France
  • SG5.6. Bilateral table Germany